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About Us

CV. DANZMEDIA DWIPA SOLUTION is a limited liability company engaged in information and communication technology services including procurement, manufacture, development, installation and maintenance. This company was founded by those who have experience in the IT communications field. Having experienced in the field of information and communication technology services since 2019, with an extensive network, supported by work professionalism and commitment in every service, we are able to provide quality, consistent and value-added services to achieve common goals.

CV. DANZMEDIA DWIPA SOLUTION provides consulting services specifically in the IT field, we are able to meet your company's needs for IT infrastructure, starting from the network system application system, we are ready to become your partner. You can work with our expertise on IT related matters. CV. DANZMEDIA DWIPA SOLUTION is ready to provide the right flow direction and according to your business, without changing the Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) that has been running in your company.

Vision & Mission

The following is our company's vision and mission

  • Vision

    To become a competitive Information and Communication Technology provider company by providing the best services and solutions with added value to customers and stakeholders.

    • Providing the best service for customer satisfaction with guaranteed quality of work, speed, accuracy, and competitive prices.
    • Increase benefits and value for consumers and stakeholders
    • Optimizing the use of technology that is reliable (reliable), safe (safe), and cheap (low cost) and profitable.
    • Build strategic partnerships and synergize with clients and partners with the principle of mutual benefit.
    • Improve capabilities and optimize the management of superior and trustworthy human resources.
    • Developing integrated, continuous and targeted research to improve competence in the IT industry.


Why Us?

We understand business, we know technology, and we put your goals – economic and strategic – first. Every moment lost to technology trouble is a missed opportunity to move your business forward. Don’t take a chance when it comes to your company. Leave the IT to the professionals.

Develop With Passion 100%
Design Thinking & Creative Coding 100%
Deliver a Lasting Business Impact 100%
Maintain customer trust and commitment 100%


CV. DDS has a comprehensive expertise in planning, design, and development combined with popular, robust and reliable technology that fits with your needs. This is our helping hands to deliver a long-lasting impact to your business.

Web Application

Provides website creation services for companies, organizations, online stores, and personal websites.

Mobile Application

Provides mobile application development services for news, learning media and business for the android and IOS platforms.

Desktop Application

Provides desktop application creation services for companies, restaurants, hotels, and organizations and so on

Integrated Information System

Providing integrated information system creation services with complex database storage and connected sub-systems.

Internet of Things (IoT) Application

Providing application development services using IoT hardware. Application for control of output equipment, monitoring using sensors with an internet connection.

Robotic Training

Providing robotic training services for schools or the public using a microcontroller to build line follower robots and other smart tools.

Programming Training

Provides Android programming training services for schools or the public.

Cloud Server

Our Server Also Provides Services To Support Applications In Your Company Or Organization.

Call To Action

Don't wait for your ideas to be realized by others. Get in touch, and we will help you succeed. No obligations, no sales spiel - we are Engineers, not Sales Reps. Let's have an honest, detailed conversation to set your next project up for healthy, convincing results.


Design Thinking x Creative Coding. Our experience and technical expertise help you achieve your business goals. Passion, collaboration and accuracy in analyzing are our guiding principles. We aim to unleash the power of software craftsmanship to reach the successful market-product fit for your product and brand.

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  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Web
  • IoT
  • Training


Mobile Apps


Mobile Apps

K-LED Controller

Mobile Apps

Asset Vehicle Information System

Desktop Apps

Maintenance Asset Vehicle Information System

Desktop Apps

Warrant Assignment Information System

Desktop Apps

Financial Management Information System

Web Apps

Online Exam Application

Web Apps

K-Now Web

Web Apps

Material Purchasing Information System

Mobile Apps

3Play Tablet

Mobile Apps

3Play V2

Mobile Apps


IoT Apps

Robotic Training


Sistem Informasi Layanan

Web Apps

Our Team

We work in teams, with various expertise, and with passion. Smart, agile teams that can do and deliver anything. And take your business anywhere. Whether we are crafting your product, supporting our clients or investing in the future, there’s a whole world of possibilities to explore.

Danandjaya Saputra

Chief Executive Officer

Rengga Dwipayana

Business Development


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